Warehouse Arts District Association
515 22nd Street South
St. Petersburg, FL  33712

(727) 256-0821

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Board of Directors

Board Officers

  • Board President – Mark Aeling
  • Board Vice President – Reuben Pressman
  • Board Treasurer – Robert Kapusta
  • Board Secretary – Teresa Sullivan

Board Members

  • Susan Antoinette
  • Jim Aresty
  • Nancy Cohen
  • Veatrice Farrell 
  • Joe Furst
  • Jesse Javens
  • Ya La’Ford
  • Ronald Schlosser 
  • Wendy Snyder
  • Debbie Storey


  • Executive Director – Markus Gottschlich markus@wadastpete.org
  • Executive Assistant – Maddy Schnettler maddy@wadastpete.org
  • Director of Operations & Events – Jeff Surrena jeff@wadastpete.org

Press Contact

Markus Gottschlich, WADA Executive Director
(727) 289-1420

All building entrances are on the ground floor, accessible without barrier from the parking lot. Second floor studios and classroom may be accessed via stairs or elevator. The elevator accommodates space for a wheelchair and companion. All galleries, exhibition spaces as well as the outdoor theatre are accessible and prepared to seat disabled patrons. Contact us to learn more or request assistance.