Studio 210 – sculpture, mixed media

Maria Saraceno is a European born sculptor with a Master in Fine Arts from USF in Tampa. She has lived most of her life in the U. S., and now lives in St. Petersburg. Her early work dealt with issues of marginalization associated with being a bicultural person. Sociopolitical issues informed some of her later sculptures and video installations. Maria’s thesis project in Spring of 2005 was a site specific, activist project aimed at the transformation of a sterile and commercial urban space into a friendly environment where people could meet and engage in social interaction. The intervention was mediated by the preparation and sharing of a meal on a corner parking lot and was documented through video and photography. Maria has exhibited at Raggio Verde in Lecce, Italy, where she showed bronze and wire sculptures; in Providence, RI with an installation of her “Tropical Pods” in the entrance of the University of Rhode Island library; at the Tampa Museum of Art; the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach; Edgezones in Miami; Little Sparrow in Atlanta; Gala Corina in Tampa; the Museum of Fine Art in St. Petersburg; the Contemporary Art Museum in Tampa; the Dunedin Fine Arts Center, among others.

All building entrances are on the ground floor, accessible without barrier from the parking lot. Second floor studios and classroom may be accessed via stairs or elevator. The elevator accommodates space for a wheelchair and companion. All galleries, exhibition spaces as well as the outdoor theatre are accessible and prepared to seat disabled patrons. Contact us to learn more or request assistance.