Studio 207 – fine and graphic arts

Mark Pennington is a resident artist at the ArtsXchange campus in on the second floor in studio 207. He is a professional artist specializing in concept, illustration and fine art. He began his career at Hasbro and Mattel concepting GI Joes and action figures before working for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, and Athleta Comics. He is probably best known for his work on Shade, the Changing Man, work that earned him a nomination for best inker in the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, in 1993. He also worked in the title Hellblazer; JLA and many more.

Although he has worked as an Illustrator and a Penciler for several comics, he is best known as a premier Inker. Some of the titles he has worked on include “X-Men”, “Batman”, “Spawn”, and more recently “The Protectors.”

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